CP 8849 1/2"

Batteridriven Mutterdragare 1/2" 1150 Nm

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  • Vikt, kg: 3,1
  • Enhet: st

Beskrivning av artikel

CP 8849


2 shut off positions
High resistance to drop
High durability
High Comfort


4 settings in forward, to be set up with the touch pad on the back side of the tool
- Slow mode to approach without impacting (hand tightening around 3.7 ft.lbs / 4-5 Nm)
- Fast mode to tighten wheels close to recommended torque without overtightening (around 50 ft.lbs / 70 Nm)
50%: around 425 ft.lbs / 580 N
100% of maximum torque around 850+ ft.lbs / 1150+ Nm
1 setting @ full power in reverse 850+ ft.lbs / 1150+ Nm
5 bumpers all around the tool, 1 in front of the clutch housing
Brushless motor
4 Front LED lights for dark spaces
Single-hand Forward and Reverse operation plus Safety locking position
Soft thermoplastic rubber grip
The CP8849 Series is to be used as a « snugging » tool to come close to the car manufacturer’s specified torque rating. The final tightening should be done with a calibrated torque wrench, this way, we ensure the end of overtightening.
Torque results could vary greatly depending on the type of wheel and many other factors.

Free speed 1800 rpm
Free speed position 1 600 rpm
Height 224 mm
Length 252 mm
Maximum Torque (reverse) 1150 Nm
Net weight 3.1 kg
Square drive 1/2 "
Weight without battery 2.89 kg
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